ARISTO Webinar Series

ARISTO has launched a series of webinars given by international experts in areas complementary and directly relevant to the ARISTO project theme. The webinars are available to be attended by the fellows of ARISTO but they are also open to PIs and other members of the ARISTO project as well as fellows from other ITN projects and generally young researchers working in the soil microbial ecotoxicology. The program of the ARISTO Webinars is given below.

Webinar 1. Date: 31.3.2023. 1.00 pm CET, Imke Hutter (INOQ): Biostimulants and biopesticides – a regulatory perspective.

Imke Hutter from INOQ presented the current regulatory status for biostimulants and biopesticides.

Webinar 2. Date: 26.5.2023. 1.00 pm CET, Anne Steenbergh
(Ctgb, The Netherlands): Biopesticides and risk assessment– RATION EU project.

Anne Steenberg from Ctgb the regulatory body of the Netherlands gave a very insightful update on the risk assessment of low risk pesticides or biopesticides

Webinar 3. Date: 28.7.2023. 1.00 pm CET, Stefan Geisen (Wageningen University, The Netherlands): The role of protists in soil microbial ecology – MINAGRIS EU project.

Stefan Geisen from Wageningen University presented novel insights on the key role of protists on soil microbial ecology

Webinar 4. Date: 29.9.2023. 1.00 pm CET, Ed Topp (INRAE, France):
Antibiotics fate and behavior in soil - ARISTO project Advisory Board.

Dr Ed Topp, a pioneer of research in the biodegradation of veterinary antibiotics, provided a very interesting presentation on the evolutionary mechanisms driving the capacity of soil microbes to degrade antibiotics and associated risks for the dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes

Webinar 5. Date: 27.10.2023. 12.30 pm CET, Paul van den Brink,
(Wageningen University, The Netherlands): The use of species sensitivity distribution concept (SSD) to predict and the use of principal response curves technique (PRC) to analyse community effects of chemicals.  

Prof. Paul van den Brink provided an insightful analysis of advanced approaches like SSDs and PRC to determine the toxicity of pesticides on aquatic organisms and further described applications of these tools for terrestrial orgnanisms, including microbes.

 Webinar 6. Date: 24.11.2023. 1.00 pm CET, Dr Thanasis Dalakouras (Hellenic Agricultural Organization-DEMETER, Greece): Insights into the use, activity and applications of ds-RNA pesticides

Dr Thanasis Dalakouras provided an insighfull presentation of exogenously applied ds-RNA pesticides, their mode of action, characteristics, activity and uses in the new crop protection era. His presentation stimulated discussion about different aspects of the environmental behaviour and ecotoxicity of these products.

Webinar 7. Date: 26.1.2024. 1.00 pm CET, Angela Sessitsch (Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria): Microbiome support EU project – RATION EU project.
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