Outreach Activities
Videos, Magazines (popular science)

A recent article about ARISTO where fellows Martha Perez, Ana Manukyan, Kunyang Zhang, Alexandre Pedrinho talk about their work and their experience in ARISTO,
Link: https://www.dikaiologitika.gr/eidhseis/science/424371/ellines-ekpaideyoun-tin-epomeni-genia-oikotoksikologon-apo-olokliro-ton-kosmo

Science Festivals and other events
ARISTO fellows Anna Manukyan and Alexandre Pedrinho, along with the whole group of Plant and Environmental Biotechnology of University of Thessaly, participated in the activities organized in Larissa, Greece in the frame of Researchers’ Night 2022 at 30 September 2022.  The fellows explained to young students and kids what is a researcher, why they came all the way from Brazil and Armenia to do “experiments” and how soil microbes “might eat” or “might get sick” by the pesticides we use in our crops.
ARISTO fellows, Kunyang Zhang and Eleftheria Bachtsevani participated in the Science Day “Fête de la science” which was held at Ecole Centrale de Lyon on the 15th of October 2022. Fellows had the opportunity to introduce the world of microorganisms to the general audience. Lots of visitors including young children visited the bench of Environmental Microbial Genomic group and learned about the significant contribution of microbes to environment and how these microorganisms are affected by agrochemicals.
MSCA Ambassadors
The fellows of the ARISTO project visited a high school in Switzerland and presented the ARISTO project to the students