The summer school of ARISTO was organized in the last week of May (27 to 31 May, 2024) in the Cultural Centre of the University of Thessaly, Monastery Paou, Pelion, Greece. Besides the ARISTO fellows the summer school hosted 11 more PhD students coming from Greece and all over Europe. The students attended lectures on biodegradation, N microbial cycling, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and soil ecotoxicology given by experts from Academia and Industry.

Dr Lorenz Andrian from UFZ-Leipzig and Dr Topakas from Technical University of Athens presenting on microbial degradation under anoxic conditions and on the biodegradation of plastics respectively 

Dr C. Ferrousi from the Technical University of Athens and Dr E. Papadopoulou from the University of Thessaly present on the process of Anammox and on biological nitrification inhibitors respectively  

Dr Fragoulis starts on the training of the fellows on mathematical modeling of pesticide exposure of pesticides

Dr Tiago da Luz from University of Coimbra and Dr Christina Hazard from Ecole Centrale de Lyon present on the use of Mycorrhizal fungi as an ecotoxicological microbial endpoint and on the role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in N cycling and relevant interactions with microorganisms involved in it respectively

Dr Melanie Bottoms from Syngenta and Dr Anja Coors from ECT Oekotoxicologie present on the assessment of the toxicity of pesticides on soil microbiome and on the assessment of pesticide mixtures on soil terrestrial ecosystems respectively